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Make Marketing Work – The Online Business Training Programme

You can find out more about the Full Online Course, which is also available by Module, together with Workbooks to help you create your marketing plan.

This programme gives you three vital elements to help you learn how you could be marketing your business effectively in the months ahead.

This includes:

1. Structured Learning – You’ll have full access to the entire Make Marketing Work Online Training Course. This programme comprises 5 Modules, 15 Sections and 11 Workbooks. I’ll help you decide where you need to start and what’s most relevant to you. Find out where to start this course.

2. Personal Mentoring – If you would like, we’ll work together over 90-Days with weekly Mentoring Skype (or telephone calls) to focus on what you really need to in order to get started. We’ll help you progress through your learning and answer your questions. Find out more about business mentoring.

3. Powerful Resources – As part of the programme we’ll also provide you with tools and resources, as well as access to our personal contacts and professional providers. Helping you to get there faster.


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#5 things they never tell you when starting a new business

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Make Marketing Work is an online Course designed to teach you the fundamentals of good marketing.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager or new start-up this programme will teach you the essentials you need to know to get great results. Start Here

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Make Marketing Work

Make Marketing Work Nial AdamsWelcome to my new Training CourseMake Marketing Work, where you can learn how to get better results from your business through better marketing and sales strategies.

It’s no secret, many people in business find marketing confusing, frustrating and difficult to get right. In fact, marketing is listed as being the second most important subject that business owners and managers want to understand better (accounting being the first).

Many business owners and managers, especially those self-employed, find marketing a bit of a mystery and continue to throw good money after bad simply hoping that they’ll get better results.

I’m very excited to share my knowledge with you and help you learn marketing online. Start this Course today and put yourself on a programme to make marketing work for you!

This Course is available online and comprises in-depth Study Material and Workbooks for you to follow. Personal Tutor Mentoring is also available, to ensure you stay on track and this Course is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I invite you to Register today and download Section 1 of this new Course for FREE.

Nial AdamsAuthor of Make Marketing Work –  


Why Learn Marketing?

Having a great product or service is not enough these days; to be really successful your customers need to know what you have to offer and why it could be important to them. Understanding how marketing works and getting it right is essential if you want to produce consistent profits and build a successful business. This is directly linked to sales and in this Course you’ll learn how to integrate both.

Read More Here

Benefits of eLearning

Finding the time and opportunity for developing your business knowledge and skills isn’t always easy. That’s why we created this new and unique approach to online training. This programme contains downloadable Training Materials and Workbooks for you to follow. With eLearning you can study at home, at work or even on the move, providing a flexible and cost-effective way to increase your business knowledge.

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What Will I Learn?

This Course has been specifically written to provide you with a solid grounding in marketing, teaching you the basics and fundamentals.You will learn how to uncover your Marketing Assets, how to create effective marketing content and how to build structure within your business. Key principles and methods will help you develop an approach to marketing and sales that will help your increase results and profits.

Find Out More Here

See For Yourself

We invite you to download Section 1 of Make Marketing Work today for FREE. This Introduction explains the Course, who it is designed for and how you can use it to learn and apply this knowledge to your own business. Whether you’ve been in business for many years, or just starting out, this Course will give you access to powerful and proven marketing strategies that are easy to implement and manage.

Download Section 1 Free Today!


Is it right for me?

We want you to be sure you’ve found the right online marketing course. You can confirm if this Course is right for you by checking the Learner Profile to make sure you’re making the right decision in choosing this programme. This explains who the Course is for and what you will need to do in order to successfully complete it.

Student Profile

What's my risk?

We believe this Course is unique, for a whole number of reasons. One in particular is that we stand by the quality of the Course and provide a clear and honest Money Back Guarantee. It’s very simple; if you buy one of the programmes and feel that you’ve not been given access to quality learning resources, we’ll refund you.

Zero Risk Guaranteed


Courses and Mentoring

You can access this new online Business Course today. Make Marketing Work is provided through this eLearning website. Simply Register your Learner Account and select the Course Product.

Payment is made online and once received you will be directed to the Course and the Lesson Sections. Here you can download the Training Manuals (15 in total) and the respective Workbooks (11 in total) for this Self-study Programme.

Optional Tutor Mentoring is available if you would like support as you progress through the Course. This can be accessed at any time and booked per individual session, or through our Monthly Mentoring Plan (4 x Sessions and Email Support).


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