The 3 Biggest Secrets to Business Success

Welcome to our first Guest Blog here on Make Marketing Work

You’ve got to love the Internet, isn’t Social Media a fantastic way to get to meet new people and find out what they think too?

A couple of months back I started listening to young guy from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I’ll be honest, I really can’t remember how I connected with him on facebook but one thing stood out, here was a young guy with some wise words and a passion to be great.

More than that, I liked his style, I liked the fact he was telling it the way it is.

So, let me introduce you to Alex Levandoski.

Alex writes a blog called inspiring other young entrepreneurs and also works as a Beachbody Coach (see – check them out some time.

I asked Alex if he’d write a blog for Make Marketing Work, and I’m very pleased to say, he came back with this cracker. I think you’ll seriously enjoy it!

The 3 Biggest Secrets to Business Success

– Alex Levandoski

I’ve spent a lot of time observing and analyzing the traits of successful business people. One of the things I realized early on was that the fastest way to get somewhere was to copy the path of others.

In business, especially home-based and online entities, this is something we all can do. The beauty of owning a network marketing business, particularly in this day and age, is the relative ease of beginning.

Anyone can make it in business today…

Even if you have ZERO skills at the present moment, your potential for success is still huge. Network marketing is filled with countless stories of high school dropouts, stay-at-home moms, and other regular people completely transforming their lives.

These people made a decision, acted on that decision, and reaped the fruit of their labor. They didn’t let anything stand in their way.

There used to be a time when making money in business required extensive degrees, inside connections and a great deal of butt kissing. In essence, the idea that someone could build something from scratch was uncommon, rare and risky.

Now, with the leverage provided by the Internet and websites like Facebook and Twitter, a whole new world has emerged. Start-up costs in some home businesses are as low as $40. Training avenues for advertising strategies, marketing solutions and technical skills are abundant.

Simply put, the modern world has provided ALL of us with an opportunity to get rich. And, with low start-up costs, affordable training and the right kind of business team, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be.

Upgrade your thinking chipset

With all of this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the “3 Biggest Secrets to Business Success…

Here it is:

1. Go “All-In”

Many so-called “entrepreneurs” are really just temporary curiosities in search of the “next big thing.” They’ll dabble a little in one thing, play a little in another, but they never fully focus on the things that can make them rich. These types of business owners try everything but accomplish nothing. They don’t fully commit.

Truly successful business owners are people who go “all-in.” Business comes with risk, this is true. But for those who make things happen, the industry movers and shakers, risk means very little. Putting up some money now, in an effort to move on forward, is more of a bargain than anything else.

This idea of “full commitment” can be scary at first. Ultimately, however, it’s the definition of good business. What type of company operates half-heartedly? What type of business owner fails to stay involved? You want to COMMIT to your own success.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

If there’s one thing people hate, it’s the prospect of having to change. Reasoning and rationality often go out the window when change is a possibility. Once a certain way of doing things is internalized and accepted, any alteration is met with stiff resistance. This seems to be human nature.

Unfortunately, despite our natural aversion to change, it’s a very real and necessary part of keeping ahead in business. With technological innovation expanding at untold rates, the ability to adjust is an asset worth having.

Keep on top of industry trends. Know what’s working and why it works. Your business will thrive on change. It will profit from shifting tides. If you keep this thought in mind, then your future will be all the brighter. While your competition is struggling and wondering why, you’ll know it’s because they won’t change. Don’t be afraid to adapt.

3. Always Put Others First

Whether it’s a retail store that believes “the customer is always right,” or a restaurant with friendly waiters, businesses that put others first have better reputations. As owner of your own business, this applies to you as well.

Network marketing is a business of relationships, even more so than traditional business. For this very reason, putting others first is a quality worth endorsing. Be it a colleague or a customer, put stock in their interest. It’s amazing what a small dose of humility and a tiny bit of care can do.

This, perhaps most of all, is the biggest secret to business success. If you can develop the patience and understanding to put yourself second, your work will be rewarded.

These are what I consider to be the “3 Biggest Secrets to Business Success.”

There are many other elements not mentioned in this article, but these three tips are worth their weight in gold. I hope you’ll take the time to add them to your archive.

It’s time for your business to grow. Get out there and make things happen!

Yours in Financial Freedom,

Alex Levandoski

Alex Levandoski

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