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Looking for the Right Email System? You’re not alone!

Nathan Lomax

Don’t worry, I had the same problem as you… and then I discovered this.

I just couldn’t decide which email system was right for me. I was at a marketing convention in London back in 2012 when I first learned the importance of building your email list.

Once I began to understand the principle of why we do this and how it can help the business grow I realised I needed to find a reliable email system.  One that I could use easily and fast.

My experience with “Campaign Monitor”. 

As you probably have already, I trawled the web looking for the best email system. I paid great attention to what fellow users had to say, so I read lots of reviews.

It quickly became clear to me the email system from Campaign Monitor had a lot of fans. Not only from small business owners and entrepreneurs but also from much larger companies and organisations.

So starting out with a free trial I jumped aboard and got started. I must say my experience with Campaign Monitor since that day has been fantastic.

Campaign Monitor is a comprehensive email marketing system, which is easy to get started with, that allows businesses to send efficient and professional email campaigns.

I was shocked at just how easy it was to sign up and what’s more you can create a FREE account. Within just a few hours I had set up my first campaign and was ready to go live. And I didn’t need to use a graphics designer, webmaster or copywriter.

The analytics and reports available are second-to-none, which is fantastic, because knowing exactly what your email campaigns are producing is essential.

I also loved the ability to A/B Split test to a very small segment say 20% of my list and then send the winning version to the remaining 80% ensuring that you have the best possible campaign reaching the most people.

Split-testing, sometimes known as A/B Testing is where you send a sample of your message to just a part of your list. At the same time you send another sample, with only one change, and test the comparative results.

This is such an important element of email marketing and yet 90% of people fail to use it correctly.

Most Impressive Feature

The most impressive thing I have found about the whole system is their Tech Support.

Knowing that I needed to start quickly I must say their staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I would send an email at 9.00am and within a very short while, sometimes only twenty or thirty minutes, my issue would be resolved!

Once I had spoken in length with one of the advisers I was soon able to start capturing that all important data on my website and start building my subscriber list. Once that list had been built I was then able to construct ‘Auto-Responders’. These are a way of sending emails to my list according to a schedule, in systematic batches.

This meant that I could send out regular emails without feeling like they were getting bombarded. What’s more, this meant that my subscribers were happy and more willing to engage with me, as I was providing high quality information and, importantly, at timely intervals.

My Final Thoughts

If you are an owner or manager of a small-to-medium sized business and you too have now realised the importance of building your list then I cannot encourage you enough to get started with Campaign Monitor.

The system effortlessly sorts and segments your data allowing you to run campaigns to a whole host of different lists. You’ll find it easy to understand your results, as the reports are very easy on the eye and provide some quality in depth analysis. Email Marketing should be present in almost all businesses marketing strategies and what better place to start than with “Campaign Monitor”.

TOP TIP: Email Marketing is measurable and no matter what marketing activity you undertake this must be the focus to ensure that all results can be measured.

How will you know that this is the Email Marketing System for you?

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor’s Design Features;

Used by some of the biggest names in business including Apple, IBM and Hewlett Packard. Campaign Monitor allows you to create beautiful looking campaigns quickly and effectively.

You have the choice of a fantastic range of templates to choose from all of which come at no additional cost. Below I have had a quick look at the design process and how easy it is.

Choosing your template – 

Choosing the correct template for your business is crucial. Campaign Monitor provide a great selection of pre-made templates all FREE saving you having to get one made up.

Campaign Monitor Templates

 Made your decision? 

Once you have made your decision on the template you like the most. You then just go ahead and click

Chosen Template

Add Content!

So now its finally time for you to add some content. Remember that “content is king”!

Take your time crafting your email because this stage is vital. Make sure to keep your content in a conversational tone and try and follow the following steps;

  • Make your email personal using more “you” and less “we”.
  • Ensure you do stick to what is included in the subject line.
  • Include several calls to action
  • Create a time specific offer, developing a sense of urgency
  • You can never proofread too much. Read it, then re read it, then ask your partner or colleagues to read it and then read it again.

Adding Content

Responsive Previews

With Campaign Monitor we can importantly see what your email looks like on a mobile device. With over 70% of internet usage now on mobile you would be silly not to utilise this feature.

Responsive Output

Sophisticated Analytics

Once your email has been crafted and your campaign set up then sit back and watch your analytics. Try and spot trends and ensure to keep testing. Test an A/B version and then NEVER stop testing. You can never have a perfect campaign but you CAN always improve it.


Now try it for yourself: get started here with Campaign Monitor 

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Nathan LomaxHi, I am Nathan Lomax, a young aspiring entrepreneur starting my life in the world of marketing. At 19 I faced that crossroads that many teenagers come across. To go to university, or not. After deciding not to, I have embarked on a mission to show students that there really is an alternative. You can start your own business and become a young entrepreneur. What’s more, there are lots of great opportunities for those with a bit of drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Now I want to share something very special to me with you; my journey.

Share this unique experience with me as I step out into the big world of business and in particular marketing. I want to invite you behind the scenes to gain exclusive access to my story. My aim in this is to help you find quick and effective ways to start and grow your business.

So thank you for coming to have a look at my blog and I hope in doing so I can save you a lot of time and effort. Whilst beginning this exciting journey I have been and will continue to be reviewing lots of products and services. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride!

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