The Flying Start Marketing Challenge 2014

Take up the 90-Day Start Marketing Challenge – Personal Mentoring with Nial Adams

What would it be like if you could benefit from an experienced Business Mentor personally guiding you through a set Marketing Development Programme for the next 90-days?

Well, I’m offering just SIX places on the next Flying Start Marketing Programme of 2014 with a very special opportunity for us to work together

Flying Start Marketing ChallengeIf you’re relatively new to business or if you’ve been running for a few years you’ll probably realise that marketing can be a big challenge. So many different ideas, methods, tools and tactics.

Then there are budgets; how much should you be spending, on what and (most importantly) what is going to prove to be a good return on investment?!

“I don’t know where to start marketing”… I hear this so often, too often.

And I know what that feels like as well; I’ve been there myself. When I started out in business, I quickly learned that I really had no idea of how marketing actually worked.

The truth is that many business owners and self-employed people really struggle to get a handle on marketing. As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know and until someone shows you how marketing actually works you’re probably destined to feel that you’re being held back in your business.

Some people struggle on, never really knowing what works or what is just a waste of money. Then there are others who simply turn away and avoid getting involved in marketing; they think they can build their business without it. Sadly it never works out like that.

The fact is this; in over twenty years of running business, the past 15 as a consultant, trainer and mentor, I know one thing for sure – that every successful business has a good understanding of marketing and why it is so important to them.

They actually ‘do marketing’ and make money from it.


So I encourage you to stop for a moment and ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. How confident do I feel when it comes to marketing my business; do I really feel I’ve got it under control? – YES/NO
  2. Do I believe that I’m making marketing work for my business; I’m investing my money and time wisely and getting the results that I really want? – YES/NO
  3. I am convinced that I’ve got a rock-solid plan for my business marketing for the next twelve months? – YES/NO

If you can answer YES to the three questions above and you seriously feel you’ve got your marketing nailed down, then all I need to do is congratulate you  – you’re certainly in the top 5% of business owners I meet.

However, if your answers are less positive and you know, you feel, that you probably could be doing better, then I have one more question to ask you:

“When are you going to do something about it?”

Believe me, I’m not being flippant here, or provocative simply for the sake of it. I’m being really serious and honest with you because it’s a question you’re going to need to answer, sooner or later. When will you start marketing?

Feeling that you’re struggling with it and deciding to do nothing about it WILL be one of the main factors that (almost certainly) means your business won’t succeed.

And there’s one irrefutable fact that proves this case – No matter how good your product or service is, if you can’t find your customers (or have them find you) then you don’t really have a business; more like an interesting hobby!

Being able to market your products and services correctly makes up at least 50% of the value of your business. If you don’t know how to do it properly and profitably you’re simply never going to achieve the sort of results you’re truly capable of.

Let me share a short but powerful story with you…

A few years ago I spoke with a local businessman who had been running a relatively new company for a couple of years. He was making good progress and the business was growing.

However, every six months he’d run a review of the business to find out what was working, where they were struggling and what they needed to improve on (a very smart move in itself; you should review your business at least once a year).

Every time he ran the review it came back with the same result; the business was in good shape but the one big weakness they had was in marketing. There was a lack of core business knowledge to drive this forward.

This smart businessman approached me and said quite openly that he realised that this had to change. It clearly frustrated him:

“Nial, I’m simply not prepared to get to the next review in another six months and find out the same thing. We need to get to grips with our marketing now and sort this out properly.”

This businessman went on to complete my PUSH Marketing Academy Programme – the course that ‘Make Marketing Work’ has been drawn from.

Within four months of training and mentoring he completely changed his approach to marketing and learned what was required to take the business forward. He learned how to define his offering, reach his customers and turn marketing spend into a profit generator.

Today that business is highly successful, winning several awards and accolades. Profits have continued to rise and the business is destined for even bigger things in 2014. A business that has grown so significantly in a period of recession is a rare thing.

He’s also a massive advocate of the learning and insight that he gained. Of course the result came about not only because he took time to learn but also because he and his team started applying the ideas straight away.

Are you ready to take that same step forward?

Take a decision, now, that in 2014 you will expand your business experience and learn what is most valuable to you; how to increase your marketing results and take back control of your business.

Here are five reasons why I truly believe this is so important to you now:

  1. Your business and your livelihood is at real risk if you’re not managing your marketing, it’s no longer realistic to think that it will simply all work out.
  2. Times are tough, it’s not enough to be average or even good at business; you need to excel and ensure customers head your way and stay with you.
  3. Your competitors want your customers and if they get a better focus on marketing than you do then the chances are they’ll soon be stealing your customers and sales profits.
  4. It’s not realistic or practical to outsource all of your marketing. Firstly it’s expensive but even more important it presents a real risk; marketing companies and agencies go bust all the time.
  5. Knowledge is power and has real value. Investing in your core business skills is vital and adds profit to your bottom line, month after month.

And in case you needed any other reason, there’s one other vital thing to consider…

A business that is being successful with its marketing, that has a plan and knows how to create a profit from marketing activity, is worth more money. If you want to ever sell, or seek investment to your business, demonstrating a real grip on marketing is going to add tangible value to your business. And you can cash these chips in when you’re ready.

So fire up your engines, strap yourself in and let me show you how to get a flying start with your marketing in 2014.

Nial Adams – Marketing Mentor & Author of Make Marketing Work


The Flying Start Marketing Challenge 2014 - Let's Work Together

Each month in 2014 I’m taking on just SIX new client/students who I will personally mentor over 90 days. Following the Make Marketing Work online Course, I’ll spend time every week mentoring and developing them on a one-to-one basis (by telephone or Skype).

We’ll be working from the online course Make Marketing Work, a unique business study programme I developed at the beginning of 2013. This course is based on the highly acclaimed and successful PUSH Marketing Academy I’ve been running for the past three years.

This 90-Day Flying Start Marketing Challenge is a chance to give yourself a fast-track to building a bigger business. You’ll be learning the concepts, ideas and methods that I’ve been learning, developing and applying for over two decades. By accessing this knowledge, with my personal support, you get a turbo-charged short-cut to learn how to make marketing work in your business.

These principles genuinely work and have been proven in hundreds of business cases, where I’ve shown the owners and managers why these concepts are important and how to apply them directly.

The Course includes detailed information and the inside track on –Checklist

  1. How You Can Grow Your Business Through Marketing
  2. Following A Business Growth System
  3. Defining Your Business, Products and Services
  4. Understanding Business Mechanics
  5. Establishing Your Marketing Assets
  6. Building Your Sales Proposition
  7. Understanding Your Customers
  8. Competitor Research and Intelligence
  9. Quality Customer Service in Marketing
  10. Delivering Your Marketing Message
  11. How to Buy More Customers for Profit
  12. Customer VIP Programmes

This represents over twenty-years of real-life business experience distilled into one essential programme designed to do one thing; make YOUR marketing work.

The Benefits of a Business Mentor –

I’ll be honest, I’m exceptionally proud of the reputation I’ve carved out over the past two decades. I’ve gained a wealth of practical knowledge and experience and passed this on to hundreds of business owners. I’ve also seen how this information has transformed businesses and improved the lives of those owners and managers.

I only work with a limited number of clients at any one time. My Key Clients represent the main projects I’m involved in. Creating, running and managing live marketing plans and campaigns means I keep my skills sharp and up to date. Real results are what count, with evidence to support it – see my Testimonials if you want to know more.

“Nial Adams is one man who I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to rapidly grow their business. He has a unique knack for being able to see the big picture without losing sight of what you need to do, day-to-day, to make it happen. If you want more customers without any bull then you need to speak to Nial.” – Joe Gregory, Author and Publisher

I also work with clients through Mentoring and Consultancy. This can be remote, as sessions are carried out online, by telephone or Skype. This provides for a flexible, effective and practical way for you to learn, have the support of your own business mentor, and maintain your focus.

Having someone independent to your business, who is able to give open, honest and realistic advice is very important. Having a mentor to guide you, especially through structured learning, will keep you on track and ensure you make successful progress at a pace that you feel most comfortable with.

Remote mentoring also provides some structure, vital when you’re learning and applying new skills and ideas. A weekly session ensures you are progressing, helps you gain clarification and understanding. It means you benefit from guidance that appropriate and specific you and your business. It’s like having your own college tutor on tap.

Take the Challenge –

The Challenge is very simple; if you realise and accept that you need to get to grips with marketing and you know why this is so important to you, and your business, then make a commitment to act on this. Give yourself the next 90-days to really focus on your business.

Flying Start Marketing gives you a complete Learning and Development package with professional support. This includes access to the entire learning resources and the Full Make Marketing Work Online Course. This includes 5 Core Modules, 15 Training Manuals and 11 Workbooks.

Weekly Mentoring supports you as you progress through this Course at your own pace. The Flying Start Marketing Challenge runs for 90-Days and within this time you will be learning the key training material AND applying it to your business in real time, with my personal help.

Of course if you want more help and mentoring beyond the three months we can arrange this. If you want more time to complete the course that’s fine. This is about finding a way forward that suits you best. This is NOT simply and academic course; this is about real learning and practical application.

What you will get –

1. Personal Mentoring

Each month you get FOUR 1-2-1 Mentoring Sessions; either by telephone or Skype; one session per week. These sessions last a minimum of 1-hour each. This will give us time together to work out where you really need to focus.

You don’t need to learn the entire Course, in fact it may be better for me to recommend what will be most useful and valuable to start with. I’ll take you through a simple review to help us identify this.

2. On-going Support

Email Support; during the Mentoring Period you have direct email access, so you can ask questions, seek clarification, check and bounce your ideas with me. Please note; this element is subject to a fair-use policy.

3. Comprehensive Training Materials & Resources

The Entire online Make Marketing Work Course, all the training materials. I’ll supply other resources to help you set up your marketing properly. I’ll also give you access to my extensive list of contacts and suppliers, where appropriate.

At the end of the three month Challenge you’ll also get a Certificate of Completion, something to add to your CV and trophy cabinet!

Your Investment –

Full Standard Price for the 90-Day Programme (including all elements) £1,450

Flying Start Challenge SUMMER OFFER – Limited to only SIX places and expires 1st September 2014

Pay £295 per month – includes the online Make Marketing Work Course FREE (full value £97).

Purchase the first month for £295 and then two following payments (of £295 each) at monthly intervals. Payments via PayPal or BACS. And remember that this is a fully-allowable tax deductible business expense!

YOUR TOTAL INVESTMENT – £885 and includes a Full Money-Back Guarantee (see below)

Or grab the Early-Bird Offer –

Purchase the Full Flying Start Marketing Programme in advance – Get all 3 Months Mentoring and the entire online training library for one total payment of £775 – Saving you another £100.

“What’s My Risk?”

Absolutely None!

This Flying Start Marketing Programme is covered by my personal 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. The very same guarantee I’ve been honouring for the past 15 years. It’s very simple:

If you complete the first month of the Programme and you genuinely feel that the training, help, support and mentoring you’re getting from me isn’t’ worth what you’ve paid, then I’d happily refund the full price that you’ve paid. You can exit the course and even keep all the materials.

There is only one condition to this Guarantee; you join the course with a serious and dedicated attitude to learn and apply your new-found knowledge. This course isn’t for arm-chair business owners or tyre-kickers just looking for the next big thing. If you want real changes and real results it will take work, dedication and focus on your part. That seems pretty fair to me…

Why am I making such a bold Guarantee? Because I’m completely confident that you will find this opportunity of massive benefit. And I know what value exists in good mentoring and training; I’ve seen the results and welcomed the positive feedback from my clients and students over a number of years. I’m very proud of my Guarantee.

“What do I do next?”

Very simple; complete the form below, which at this stage is nothing more than your Expression of Interest. I’m not asking for your commitment at this point.

I’ll contact you and we’ll talk a little bit about your situation, your business and why you think the Flying Start Marketing Challenge could be right for you. I want to make sure that if you join the programme we’re both confident it’s going to be of real value to you.

A couple of other important points worth noting. I always work with complete confidentiality. Our Mentor/Mentee relationship will be private and confidential. Also, I never work with directly competing clients at the same time, I just don’t think that’s ethical.

Want to know more?

If what you’ve read sounds interesting and exciting, and you’d like to know a little more. Then can I make two suggestions?

1) Have a good rummage through this website, read the blogs, download the free stuff and read what others think – if you want to carry out a little due diligence please do; simply Google ‘Nial Adams’ everything you want to know is out there.

2) Just give me a call and let’s chat! Unlike some of those self-proclaimed ‘marketing gurus’ about I’m a real person, accessible and I’m very pleased to talk with you. No charge and no obligation.


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