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Getting started with your eLearning through this site couldn’t be easier and we’ve made it simple for you get underway in just a few clicks. There are a few simple steps for you to follow and then you can begin straight away.

The great news is that now you can study marketing online, in your own time and at your own pace. This website provides you with a learning hub and gives you ongoing access to the knowledge you need to start getting great results fast.

Online learning is growing in popularity. It provides a simple way to access current content, record your progress and gives you total flexibility in the way you study.

By downloading the Lessons and the accompanying materials you can study these anywhere. The PDF documents supplied have been specifically formatted for viewing on your iPad, tablet PC or eReader, such as Kindle.

By joining the programme you create your own Learning Profile and account. You select the eCourse that suits your needs and then have access to the training materials and workbooks to help you progress. Your Learner Profile will help you to record your progress and ‘park your learning’ as you progress.

…you can login in at any time, on any compatible device to access these training resources and continue your eLearning.

As a Learner with this Programme you also have access to regular updates and additional content as this becomes available. You’ll also benefit from regular tips and advice through our email updates.

And remember, you can contact us by email for general enquiries or request Tutor Mentor Sessions at any point throughout the eCourse.

Getting Started – #4 Simple Steps

Step 1. Create Your Learner Account – add your details and create your ‘learning hub’ for the eCourse

Step 2. Purchase the eCourse – purchase online using our secure payment gateway with email reciept

Step 3. Access the Course Lessons – each lesson contains the Study Material and Workbooks for you to download

Step 4. Start Learning how to Make Marketing Work!

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