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Make Marketing Work

Before you Register your Learner Account – Please Read

We want to help you be sure that this Programme is right for you. So on this page you’ll find some answers to the questions you might have before you decide to take the eCourse.

Do any of the statements below reflect how you currently feel about marketing and your business?

  • “I’m just starting out and don’t really know where to start with my marketing”
  • “I’ve been in business a short while but feel I don’t know enough about how to market what I do”
  • “I have a Business Plan but realise that the marketing element needs to be improved”
  • “I have written a Marketing Plan (or have an idea of what I want to do) but don’t know if it’s right”
  • “I’ve tried lots of different ideas in my marketing but never seem to find something that works as well as I would like it to”
  • “It feels like I’ve tried everything but my marketing has been waste of time and money”
  • “I’ve spent money on our website but I just don’t think it’s working hard enough for us”
  • “I would like to keep control of my marketing but need to find someone who knows what they’re doing and I can trust”
  • “I think we need to give our business and proposition a fresh look and feel; I think we need a new brand”
  • “I’m confident our marketing is on the right track, I just need some to help fine tune it”
  • “I’ve got quite a bit of experience in marketing but I’m looking for better ways to do this”
  • “I’ve realised that we’re not being as smart as we could be with our marketing, we’re falling behind”

If any of the above statements match your current situation then this eCourse will certainly help you. Next you need to confirm if you fit the requirements for eLearners wishing to study and apply Make Marketing Work.


Important - Please Read

As an online eCourse, there are a few things that you need to know before you can make a confident start:

1. This Full Training Programme is delivered through 15 Sections and 11 Workbooks. These are downloadable PDF files. These files are accessible once you have a) Registered your Learner Profile and b) purchased the relevant Programme.

2. You may choose to purchase the eCourse one Module at a time. There are five Modules that make up the full Programme and you can select any one you wish to start with, although we strongly recommend starting with Module 1. Then, if you want to progress, you can purchase other Modules.

3. The material for this eCourse is extensive. The written content volume exceeds 60,000 words and is set out in logical sections for you to study at your own pace. This eCourse has been carefully constructed to make learning easy, interesting and practical

4. When purchasing the Programme, either as the Full eCourse or one Module at a time, you can progress at your own pace. There are no set timescales for this, so you can learn marketing as you build your business. Alternatively, you can purchase the Modules that you want and come back to select more when you want them.

5. All material can be downloaded from this site and you are licensed to store this information securely; you can save these files on your PC, laptop, iPad, tablet PC or other eReader (these should be able to store and view PDFs). NB. This content is supplied to you, the purchaser, only. It is protected by Copyright and must not be supplied to any third-party, copied or distributed in any way. Please ensure you carefully read the copyright and legal notices contained on the Privacy page.

6. You will want to take notes as you progress through the Programme. You can hand-write these or you can record and store them electronically. Most PDF readers also allow you to highlight text as you want. You may even decide to record audio notes. Mentoring Sessions, which are by telephone or Skype, can also be recorded.

7. There is no set timescale for this eCourse and you are not obliged to start it at any particular time. You are able to choose the pace you feel comfortable with. However, you will need to allocate time for serious study. You will also be encouraged to allocate research time and focus on the recommended Tasks. Above all though, you will need to allow time to make changes in your business, following the guidance contained in the eCourse.

8. This Programme has been specifically written as a Self-Study eCourse and is suitable for those with little or no marketing experience. It has also been written for the more experienced business owner who feels they wish to revisit the fundamental concepts of good marketing and sales. There is no obligation or requirement for you to request Tutor Mentoring, unless you feel you would benefit from this. You can choose this option at any time.

9. And finally, this Programme has been produced and published to give an opportunity to those serious about improving their own skills, knowledge and experience in marketing and business generally. If you only have a cursory interest in this subject please do not buy this eCourse.

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If you have any questions about this product, or would simply like to confirm if this is suitable for you, please contact the Author Nial Adams through the Contact page of this site.

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