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Make Marketing Work by Nial Adams - Learn Marketing OnlineHere is your Free Sample Section of the eCourse Make Marketing Work.

Download and open this file to read Section 1, which introduces this eCourse and explains the benefits of studying marketing online.

How Does This Programme Work And Who Is It For?

  •  An Introduction to the Programme
  • Getting yourself prepared for action
  • How you’ll need to tune your thinking
  • How much time needed to dedicate

Make Marketing Work is not a How-To course on marketing tactics but a full Self-Study Programme on the subjects of Marketing, Sales and Business Growth. Simply learning how to use marketing tools is not enough; you need to know what actually makes marketing work. this includes:

  • Understanding that people don’t buy your product or service; they buy your Proposition and Offer
  • Learning how to Position your business and to improve your pricing and better Marketing Return-on-Investment
  • Uncovering the Marketing Assets of your business and creating Assets if you’re a new business or Start-up
  • Understanding the difference between different types of marketing and recognising what suits your needs best
  • Learning powerful concepts like Leverage and how this is applied across all your Marketing and Sales
  • Discovering how to build a Marketing System in your business to make it more manageable and effective
  • Realising that Marketing is not gambling but rather about buying new Customers for better Profits

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