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Audio can be a great way to learn marketing online. So we’re adding lots of new content from recorded seminars and workshops, audio and video-blogs.

On this page of Make Marketing Work you’ll find useful audio resources to help you learn more about marketing.

marketing audioNial Adams, Author of the online business course Make Marketing Work, is an acclaimed speaker, giving presentations, seminars and Keynotes for organisation, business groups and networks.

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AUDIO 1. Three Big Ideas – Make Marketing Work

Nial Adams talks with Sophie Jewry of The Holistic Directory in this 50 minute Webinar Recording – 29th October 2013

Listen to this three-part recording from a live webinar that Nial gave for members of the Holistic services sector.

These audios include Nial’s ideas and advice on:

  • Why marketing doesn’t happen simply by accident – just ‘getting your name out there’ isn’t enough these days
  • Don’t just be busy promotion your business – promotions are only one part of marketing mix, not all of it
  • 2 Reasons why you need to take marketing seriously – your business depends upon you applying good tactics
  • Why having a plan is so important if you want results – don’t start your journey without a map hoping to pick up profits
  • How to set some simple goals to start with – the easy way to get started with marketing and progress effectively
  • Decide what success in your marketing looks like – a postive approach to your marketing starts with expectation
  • Why you need to focus on your customers wants – stop trying to sell products and services, they don’t buy these
  • Testing your Marketing Message is essential there’s little point spending budget on marketing, without testing
  • Set Action PointsNial gives a list of simple action points to follow for each of the areas covered, so you can improve

Nial & Sophie Marketing Webinar


Three Big Ideas – Nial Adams – Part 1

Three Big Ideas – Nial Adams – Part 2

Three Big Ideas – Nial Adams – Part 3


AUDIO 2. Make Marketing Working

Nial Adams talks for Evolve Networking 16th October 2013

Hear Nial talk about:

  • #3 Golden Rules of Marketing
  • How to Stop Wasting Money on Marketing
  • The #1 Myth in Marketing you need to know

This 50-min audio was recorded live at Evolve Networking in Norwich. Nial talks about marketing plans, tracking, traditional advertising versus online, getting control of your marketing, Key Turnover Drivers, Cost of Acquisition (how much are your customers worth?), reducing marketing waste, etc.