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The Marketing Audit from Nial Adams

“For over fifteen years I’ve been helping people to really understand where they need to focus in their marketing. The Marketing Audit I’ve developed is a simple and yet highly effective way to really get to the core of where you need to focus your marketing next.

This Audit looks at all elements of how your business is set up, what your goals and aspirations are, where your best marketing assets are and how you can unlock them.

Now let me show you how…”


Firstly, a Serious and Important Statement:

Let me start by giving you some startling facts –

1) The vast majority of business owners (small, medium and even the large ones!) are NEEDLESSLY wasting staggering amounts of money every month on marketing that just doesn’t work for them. Not surprising I speak to lots of people who see their marketing as a business cost, never really knowing where the money goes, or why – all they know is they need to do something else to make their business work!

2) Spending money on marketing doesn’t guarantee you positive results, no matter how enthusiastic your efforts might be – you need to use the RIGHT TYPE of marketing methods – ones that are APPROPRIATE to your business. Again, lots of hard-earned profit is wasted because business owners and managers are simply doing the wrong things when it comes to marketing.

3) Getting your marketing right is critical if you want to build a strong, sustainable and above all PROFITABLE business. If you’re new to business, or perhaps just thinking about starting one you need to grab this fact clearly – without good marketing you will struggle to get customers, as without customers you’ve no hope of surviving!

There are lots of shocking statistics about business failures but the one to pay attention to is that nearly 80% of all new companies will fail in the first year of trading. Of what’s left, about the same percentage will go bust in the next five years. In nearly all cases it will be for the same reason – a lack of profitable customers…

With a clear approach to marketing you can avoid all this pain and see your efforts grow and reward you, go on to enjoy your business and reap the rewards.

If you’ve been in business a while you’ve probably seen your industry change, maybe customers are more astute and have greater choice, perhaps you are getting diminishing returns from your advertising and other marketing efforts. Maybe you have recognised that it’s time to review things and set a new plan for the future.

“The general approach to marketing simply doesn’t work for me!” – does this sound familiar to you?

It’s worrying to hear so much rubbish talked about marketing and often I come across business owners hanging on to ideas and approaches that just don’t work for them. And yet surprisingly, they still do them and expect things to change for the better! They do this for two main reasons;

a) They follow everyone else, copying what they are doing thinking they must be right – when often these other business owners are also getting terrible results and just hanging on by a thread, or…

b) They simply get SOLD marketing and advertising by ‘professionals’ who have one singular goal; extract the most amount of revenue from the client. It’s a fact that most business owners often find themselves having to trust those people who are there to help them get their marketing right – like advertising agents, web designers, printers, PR agents, graphic designers, etc.

Please don’t miss understand me, there are lots of good marketing providers out there, unfortunately though, many of these people just aren’t marketing experts. And whilst most have good intentions (but a serious lack of knowledge) listening to what they THINK they know about marketing can present a huge risk – a risk with your money and your business future!

Over a number of years I’ve learned that a very large proportion of people who work inside the marketing industry and sector often have very limited, or even no, real knowledge of what works. The reason is simple; they don’t really know, or have never learned, what really makes marketing work.

One of the significant advantages of the Marketing Audit Service I offer is that I’m not an agency or marketing executive and this gives me an independent perspective, where I can provide genuine best-advice.

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“I’ve carried out Audits for hundreds of companies and business owners over the years. It’s a process I’ve worked really hard to refine. The questions are carefully designed to help uncover what’s really going on in a business and where the hidden opportunities exist. It’s surprising how often some great marketing assets are simply being overlooked.

“Even in a brand new company or startup, the Audit helps to identify how the business needs to look in order to make it work successfully. Marketing is much more than just advertising and websites; it’s about the product, the customer and the value proposition. You need to get these elements right before you start to think about spending money on marketing campaigns and activities.

“The feedback from clients has always been fantastic. For many people it’s the first time that they’ve really stopped to look at their own business. With a lot of experience I’m now able to show where the weaknesses are, recommend how to change these and build structure around the marketing. For me it’s a real buzz to help people create the business they want.

“I strongly believe that you need to design your business, you can’t simple leave it to chance and expect success. And I realise that sometimes you need an outside perspective to help with that. So I hope you’ll grab this opportunity to see how you can take really positive steps to make your marketing work!” – Nial Adams

“Working through Nial’s marketing audit was a real eye opener. I knew we were probably struggling with marketing and realised that we needed a plan. The problem was I didn’t know where to start.

We’ve tried a number of marketing ideas, spent budget on advertising campaigns and other things but never seen the results we really wanted.

Nial’s recommendations made so much sense and now we have a plan to follow and the help we need to stick to it.”

– MD, Financial Services Provider, London


Frequently Asked Questions –

What Does An Audit Do?

How Will I Benefit?

What Will I Learn?

Is It Confidential?

How Much is the Audit?

Where Can I Find Out More?

Okay, now the GOOD NEWS!

You’ve probably arrived here because you are getting nowhere fast with your current approach to marketing and you’ve realised that if you really want your business to grow, want to see it become successful and most of all, want to enjoy the rewards of all this hard work, you need to GET YOUR MARKETING WORKING.

Together with my growing team of independent Associates and Professionals we can help you do just that.  To be completely clear, my job is to help you find out what is and isn’t working for you, why and then what to do about it. It’s about looking at how the sales and marketing can work together and the strategy and tactics to make this happen.

With over 20 years of business experience; setting up companies (in the UK, Europe and the US) I have come to realise that when it comes to Marketing there are some fundamental principles that you MUST FOLLOW in order to succeed.

What I do and how this can benefit you –

The Marketing Audit has become a great tool and resource to help business owners, managers, consultants and new entrepreneurs find out how they can maximise their opportunities. I’ve seen some spectacular results and watched these companies stretch and grow.

As Business Growth Specialists to get your marketing working we focus on the following four KEY AREAS:

STEP 1. The Marketing Audit – Where You Are Right Now

Firstly, we offer you the chance to go through a Marketing Audit.  This is a simple but highly effective way to understand what you are currently doing and what the results are. It also focuses on what you do as a business, why this is of VALUE to prospective customers and clients and how you can translate this into MARKETING ASSETS (the components that will help you build a plan – see next step).

The Marketing Audit also works if you are about to start a business.  It will uncover some vital and essential elements about your business plans, as well as you and the skills/experience you have.  This is a relatively simple process but does require a level of attention and focus on your part.  There are three simple stages to the Marketing Audit

Firstly – an initial conversation to determine if a Marketing Audit is right for you and if so which one.  This first stage is often done by telephone (or Skype), lasts approximately 30 minutes, and is completely free of charge and without any obligation.  This is essential, as the next part is charged for and as I give a UNIQUE 100% Money Back Guarantee I need to ensure the Marketing Audit is appropriate to your needs and your business.

Secondly – I will send you the Marketing Audit Questionnaire; it asks a carefully structured series of questions, including what your business is all about, what marketing methods you currently use and what results these generate, etc.  It also asks questions about you and your team, what skills/strengths you have and what your objectives are for the business. [Don’t worry, if you haven’s started your business yet, the MAQ has also been written with this in mind and there will still be plenty questions that are relevant to you].

I have lots of very positive feedback about completing this Questionnaire, for many business people this is the first time they have really had to think about their business and commit the answers to paper!

Thirdly – we will conduct the Review & Recommendation Session.  This lasts approximately 1 hour but can be longer (in such a case we will advise you in advance).  This takes place either face-to-face, or by phone (or Skype).  We will probably ask you further questions and then be able to deliver our recommendations on what you need to be doing to improve your marketing.

People who go through the Marketing Audit find the experience incredibly rewarding and a great way to start to get to grips with their future approach to marketing their business, as well as other areas.

There are also other Audits we can recommend you to use if it is apparent that these are going to be relevant.  The SALES Audit focuses on how you actually sell your products/services and is ideal if you have staff within your business, or you just want to get some focus on how you can improve sales performance and results.

If you are serious about sorting out your marketing, starting with a Marketing Audit is the quickest and most effective way of finding out how to quickly start getting results.

The standard Marketing Audit costs £297 and will help you save many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on fruitless marketing exercises over the years to come!

To start this process pick up the phone and call us now on 0843 289 3095 – first we’ll have a no- obligation conversation about your business and we’ll be able to tell if the Marketing Audit is the right thing for your business. Or complete the form below.

Once a full Audit has been completed and if we decide there are ways we can help you further, we then look at the next three KEY areas...


STEP 2. Building A Marketing Plan – The Foundation Of Your Business

Like anything, having a proper plan is a good place to start – do you have a marketing plan for your business?  What have you committed to in your Business Plan, does your marketing get the focus and attention it deserves?


Working closely with you, the business owner, or manager, and taking into account the following:

  • Your business objectives and timescales
  • Your desire and plans for growth
  • How you want to expand or grow your offering
  • The marketplace in which you offer products or services
  • The resources you have at your disposal (time, budgets, etc.)

… we will start to build a plan that fits your business.  This approach is known as Strategic Marketing and can be applied to any business, no matter what type or size but needs to be relevant and appropriate to YOUR business.  The plan will build and grow as we further develop how best to tackle your marketing needs.


STEP 3. Understanding the Tactics – Showing You The Ropes

With Strategic Marketing the next step after beginning the planning stage is to tackle the actual TACTICS you are going to use to make it all work.  At this point we’ll all work closely together, perhaps with other members of your team, to help bring these tactics INTO your business.

Please understand this is a consulting process where we collaborate, sharing knowledge and helping to understand and learn how to create a permanent marketing platform in your business.  This isn’t an outsourced solution, we are not a marketing agency and I don’t sell transient campaigns, advertising space, websites, etc.

Our aim is to develop a powerful, effective and permanent Marketing Platform inside your business.  This will become embedded and represent a tangible valuable in terms of your business assets.

These tactics might include some or all of the following:

  • Building Your Offer & Value Proposition
  • Using Positioning Rather Than Prospecting
  • Understanding What Customers Want/Need
  • Writing and Presenting Marketing Copy
  • Choosing Most Appropriate Communication Channels
  • Tracking, Testing & Measuring Advertising
  • Identifying & Managing Your Marketing Assets
  • Creating Cross and Up Sell Through Offers
  • Understanding how to use effective PR
  • Testing and Measuring Your Price Point
  • Creating Leveraged and Hyper-Leveraged Marketing
  • Building Effective Response Mechanisms
  • Using Different Communication Channels
  • Using Customer Relationships to Build Further Profit
  • Tapping in the Power of Affinity Marketing
  • How to Set Up Effective Joint Venture Relationships
  • Getting The Most From Your Website And The Internet
  • Planning for your Business Evolution


STEP 4. Supporting You Through Growth – A Helping Hand Beside You

The fourth and last element is just as crucial as all the others – good support and guidance.  Understanding the need for a plan, working out the right strategy, and then building on this by developing tactics are all important.  With the correct support you will start making positive changes to you business with confidence, knowing that you expert support to help you.

Just like having a marketing expert in your business we will provide a support package that suits your needs and budgets. This enables you to bring expertise into your business, without the costs normally associated with recruiting and managing an in-house marketing department.  You don’t have to do all this on your own!


Your Next Step –

The next step is simple and without any obligation. Before we can determine if we can help and how, it’s important to get to know a little more about your situation and your objectives.

To find out if the Marketing Audit would benefit you, how you can access this, or possibly claim one of our Sponsored Audits (and save £100) complete the form below or call Nial Adams direct on 0843 289 3095

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