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Welcome to the Online Marketing Course Make Marketing Work. This online learning programme is designed to give you a practical and structured opportunity to study Marketing and Sales and learn how you can apply this to your business.

This business course is not designed as an academic study but rather as a practical guide to what’s really important and the Core Business Knowledge that will make a difference to your business.

The material comprises the Training Manuals and the Workbooks. These are provided as downloadble PDFs. You can save these and study them in your office, at home or even on your iPad, e-reader or smartphone.

Now you can learn business anywhere at anytime that suits you.

Specifically written for this Online Marketing Course the materials have been formatted to be read online or viewed on your tablet or e-reader. Of course you may prefer to print and bind the material, however there are over 200 pages of content and we invite you to consider the environment.

The Training Manuals, supplied in PDF workbook format, have been divided into Fifteen Sections to allow you to manage your learning and measure your progress. There are also Eleven Workbooks that support this material, which include recommended tasks for you to complete as your progress.

There is no set timescale expected for you to complete the ELearning Programme. One major advantage of this opportunity is for you to study and progress at your own pace. You can also choose which Sections to download first, although we recommend you progress through the material in order.

One major advantage of Make Marketing Work is your option of accessing Tutor Mentoring. The Online Marketing Course has been written as a self-study programme and is comprehensive. However, you may, at any point feel you would benefit from the opportunity to gain further support and assistance from a Tutor Mentor.

This help can be a useful way to keep your progress on track and give you peace of mind in knowing that you are able to benefit from conversing direct with the Programme Author.

You can choose to access Tutor Mentoring at the start of your learning or at any time as you progress. Sessions are provided remotely via telephone or Skype and typically last 45 minutes. This optional Mentoring can be booked per individual session, or you can enroll on the Monthly Mentor Plan (4 x Sessions and Email Support).

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