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This Online Marketing Course is designed to give you the tools needed to create real business growth through the application of ‘Sales and Marketing’ concepts, strategies and tactics.

It has been specifically written for those who are new to marketing or feel they really want to develop strong knowledge and skills in this area.

Over decades the question of what makes a business really successful has been addressed in numerous books and in other forms. However, no matter how much information is out there many business owners still don’t know just how to apply this knowledge to their business.

This is often the result of not fully understanding the concepts and methodology first. It’s all too easy to get confused with marketing; email, adverts, brochures, websites and of course, Social Media!

Lots of ideas and methods for better marketing and sales growth focus on highly detailed and technical how-to methods. These are often highly specialised and aimed at the relatively experienced marketer. There is an assumption that the individual already knows and understands the fundamentals of marketing and sales.

This is often not the case and a big mistake to make. As a result, simply learning more how-to methods without a proper understanding of the subject rarely produces better results.

For most business owners and managers the secret lies in addressing the fundamentals of building a strong and profitable business. This requires a focus on two main elements of the business; sales but more importantly good marketing.  This Programme focuses on these points.

This Online Marketing Course has been written directly from over two-decades of business experience. It distills years of knowledge and testing, with proven results. If you want to cut your learning curve significantly and avoid years of wasting money on costly mistakes, then you need to learn how to make marketing work in your business.

Make Marketing Work is an online learning resource with several exclusive features. Firstly, unlike the vast majority of online learning you have access to personal Tutor Mentoring directly by the Course Author, Nial Adams. This online and telephone mentoring is available as an option to the programme and can be accessed at any time by you the Learner.

The Course is extensive, comprising 15 Training Sections and 11 Workbooks, it breaks down what you need to do to build a better business through understanding sales, marketing and other business growth strategies.

This is not purely a marketing course but includes an in-depth look at how marketing integrates with sales and customer service. And it is not reworked material from books or other material.

The total learning resources stretch to over 60,000 words of detailed training content and give a comprehensive insight into what really makes marketing work.