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Thanks for dropping by; I hope you find Make Marketing Work an interesting and valuable resource for marketing help.

For the past twenty years I’ve worked in both Corporate and SME sectors, the past fifteen of those years as a Marketing Consultant and Business Mentor. For the most part I’ve worked with smaller business and in particular I’ve helped those just starting out, as well a those who’ve realised that it’s time to get to grips with that challenging subject of ‘marketing’.

It’s not surprising that the vast majority of business owners and manager struggle with marketing.

Common problems are:

  • Not really understanding how marketing actually works
  • Not knowing where to start or where to focus time and money
  • Not knowing who to listen to or what to believe (there are way too many marketing myths)
  • Not understanding that your business actually IS a marketing business

I’ve seen so many people get frustrated, go around in circles and waste huge amounts of their money (often from hard-won profits) on things that have never worked.

It’s not surprising, as there are TWO main reasons for this:

a) Most business owners and manager have never actually learned what marketing is all about, and

b) There is an army of people out there trying to sell you ‘the next big thing’ in marketing

I know this because I’ve also been there myself. Let me share something very personal with you;

When I started my first business I was an enthusiastic 19-year-old ready to take on the world. I had a trade and knowledge, which I knew I could make money from and I also knew that people would  pay for it. So it was obvious that the law of ‘supply and demand’ meant I could start a new business and turn my skills into money. How could I possibly not succeed?

That’s when I learned very quickly that despite these facts, the truth was that I knew pretty much nothing about marketing, or sales for that matter. So I dived in with both feet and soon realised that just because I had skills and ability and even a great product, I had no real knowledge of how to find my customers and make my business work.

Despite this I worked at it and learned the hard way, I had lots of knock-backs and I wasted way too much money on ideas that I was sure would turn into a quick profit for me; they didn’t. It took me several years of grinding away to finally learn how I could get paying customers and stop pretending to be in business.

My first real experience of marketing was with advertising (there were no websites back then!). Through trial and error I got there, eventually. Within a few years I had built a reputation in my industry and picked up more and more work. Then I landed a couple of big contracts that took me to both the US and Eastern Europe. I had achieved success and a reputation.

The point of this is that I spent way too long getting there. I wasted way too much money and I could have done all of it in a fraction of the time; if had known what I was supposed to do.

Fast forward…

Eventually I stepped out of the industry I was in and, with a young family, I entered corporate life and got a ‘real job’. At first I hated it. I had no freedom to think, a boss who would have been better suited to a role in the penal system and colleagues who would smile at me then steal my clients behind my back. Fortunately, I had a route out and was recruited to join a dynamic and fast-growing team with a new division of Virgin. There I expanded my skills, learned a lot about sales and really began to carve out a career. Despite this I knew I wanted to do my own thing and eventually find a way to get back to self-employment.

Fast forward a bit more…

With a range of skills, mostly focused on Sales and Marketing, I went freelance and set out to gain my own clients, charge my own fees and enjoy the freedom (and responsibility) of being my own boss. It felt good and far quicker that I had expected I was back in the groove and working on some very interesting projects.

But I still knew there was something missing, something that left a gap in my knowledge. A gap I needed to plug. Then something happened that was to change my life.

I found a guy who was of the UK’s top marketing specialists. His ideas were radical and his claims were pretty big but I knew I needed to find out more. I called him and told him exactly where I was and why I felt I needed some help. His response amazed me and he invited me to work with him, to learn from him and, essentially, become his apprentice.

Being personally mentored by him, every single day for over two years, he taught me everything he knew. He started with the basics (always a good place to start) and then shared some very advanced concepts that meant everything just fell into place. Above all, he helped me realise that just about everything I (thought) I knew about marketing was pretty much useless.

So… why am I sharing this with you?

For one very simple reason. Because I know what it feels like to struggle and be frustrated. I now know that time with a mentor who really knew what he is talking about, and had the evidence to back it up, was the best business education I could ever have wished for. He taught me how it really is, ideas and concepts, strategies and tactics that actually worked. Even more though, he taught me that if I wanted to get better results I needed to think differently.

I want to encourage you to do the same thing…

Whatever you choose to do next, I want to offer you one very honest and sincere bit of advice. Don’t waste another moment thinking to yourself that ‘some day’ you’ll make a commitment to learning what you really need to know. Please, don’t spend any more of your time struggling and getting frustrated. Don’t waste any more of your money.

There is a better way to be better at business; all you need to do is understand this one Golden Rule:

“Your business will never be better that YOU are!”

If you want a better, bigger and more successful business, then you need to accept that it’s not your business that needs to change and improve, it’s YOU.

There are two main things I can help you with now and before you click away from this page, I seriously encourage you to think about these:

1). Learn what you need to learn. There are lots of business skills that are important. I’ve focused on Sales and even more importantly Marketing and I’m very proud of the reputation I’ve gained in this field (read some of my Testimonials).

That’s why I’ve written Make Marketing Work; I want to make it as simple as possible for you to start learning, right now, the most important things that will improve your results and help you grow your business. You can start this today and download the first section of my eCourse for free (see the course list at the bottom of this page).

2) Talk to me; tell me where you feel you’re struggling and what you (think) you want to do about it. I’m a  real guy and I’m always happy to answer (genuine) questions about marketing, or other aspects of your business.

You can reach me in number of ways; through this website (Contact me), email me, or via our facebook page (message me if you want to keep it private), twitter, Linkedin, or you can simply pick up the phone (0843 289 3095) and if I able to at the time, we can talk.

Now it’s your opportunity; a chance to do exactly what I did, and my opportunity is to pass on what I know and really help you.



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