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Automatic Marketing will grow your business

How you can use marketing systems to create bigger results with less effort.

Three reasons to read this marketing tip:

1. Learning how to automate your marketing will save you time, money and frustration

2. When you automate your marketing you have a system to follow, not a haphazard approach

3. With a system of marketing you’ll be able to learn quickly what really works and repeat it

automatic marketingWelcome to Week 5 of my Marketing Tips Email Course, let’s get started…

One of the most important things you can do in your marketing is to create an automated system. This is the only way you can really build on your success and ensure you produce consistent results.

For the most part many people approach marketing with a chaotic and unstructured attitude. It’s not their fault; they’ve never been show how marketing really works.

They think they’re doing the right thing. They’re trying their best.

The problem with this is that a reactive, unstructured approach will NEVER produce consistent and productive results. In fact, it’s the main reason why so much money is wasted on marketing activities.

It’s also the reason that many business owners throw their hands in the air and declare “marketing is a waste of my time and money”. And yes, they’re totally right. Dabbling and jumping from one marketing activity to another is generally a complete waste of time, money and effort.

So if what I’ve just described above feels very much like the situation you’re in right now then let me help you.

When I first started learning how marketing really works I was exposed to the concept of automatic marketing as part of an overall business strategy, where marketing systems would take away the strain and pain of reactive marketing.

So how does automatic marketing actually work?

Your business needs to follow a structure of systems. There are several reasons for this, but for now let’s just look at marketing.

First you need to shift your thinking about marketing. You need to accept that just trying out different things at different times is no way to build a business. Instead you need to design and build your business around a number of simple systems so you can use this as a constructive way to uncover what works for you and what doesn’t.

You need to take time to plan and lay out all the options you have and then decide where you’re going to focus your time and effort.

There are a number of excellent marketing channels that are available to just about every business. Today we have a vast wealth of tools, resources and systems that help us to achieve that. And over recent years access to these has become easier and far less expensive. Today every business can use the same marketing tools that previously only the big boys got to play with.

Just think about it, today you can use:

Online marketing – creating a simple website can now be achieved by spending even just a few hundred pounds. Tools like WordPress have genuinely revolutionised this industry. Go back a few years and you’d have needed a budget of thousands to achieve the same thing.

Online advertising and promotion – today, right now, you can jump on-board with a number of excellent online advertising tools. Google AdWords is something that most people can learn to use, even if only at a basic level. The power of this marketing channel is truly awesome.

Likewise, using Social Media Marketing is now in reach for every small and growing business. Facebook advertising has become another explosive revolution. It’s not necessarily right for every business but it has amazing flexibility and can deliver successful campaigns for beer-money budgets.

Using other online marketing tools like LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are all opportunities that are well within the reach of even the most basic business start-up.

Email Marketing – making a major comeback this channel is something every business should be considering. Building your list and maintaining a positive relationship with your customers and contacts is now simple and again can be completely automated.

Personalised Digital Print – something I was introduced to over 15 years ago, and known then by the very fancy title of Relational Data Marketing, this is the ability to now print your marketing materials and include personalised details in each piece. This makes your print marketing highly targeted and connected direct to the recipient, rather than the standard generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

And the list goes on… these are just some examples.

So how can these tools be used for Automatic Marketing?

Let’s take just one simple example; you want to provide potential customers with information about your products and services. So you invite them to connect with you and get permission to contact them from time to time.

Using email marketing to get the right information to the right person (and at the right time is a fantastic way to leverage your marketing (see Marketing Tip 4 to learn more about Leverage).

So you use one system, let’s say Facebook advertising, to bring interested people to your business, let’s say your website. Here they can find out information and ask for more. You can then invite them to subscribe and offer real value in return by promising to keep in touch with them, specifically focused on their needs and desires.

Now this is where it gets really interesting.

By collecting (automatically) the right information at the outset you can now segment these potential customers. Let’s imagine that some of them want news about your new products, whereas others want to know how to best use the products you’ve already sold them.

By creating different segments and automating how these people receive the information they want you can now start to get far more specific. Remember, as consumers very few of us like to be treated as ‘just another customer’. We want personal attention that meets our needs.

Then through your email campaigns you can identify what interests your customers most. You could, for example, invite them to find out more about a range of different product options. By following their activity, normally from tracking clicks, you can then see what customers are really interested in.

This now means you’re using a system, which is designed to engage with your prospects, to tell you what is relevant and important to them. And all of this can be set up to run automatically, even while you sleep!

Just image if you had to achieve the same task manually? Yes, it may be a great idea to just pick up the phone and call your prospects/customers but how long would that take you?

And the other massive reason why this form of automatic marketing is so important; you can scale it up!

If you have a system that works automatically (and it’s set up correctly) you can simply increase your marketing activity and budgets and allow your systems to take the strain.

Email marketing is a very good example for this. I’ve worked with clients on small campaigns of just a few hundred contacts. I’ve also worked with clients on campaigns going out to tens of thousands of potential customers. The process is exactly the same, it doesn’t matter that the numbers are significantly bigger.

In Summary –

Do not try to do it all yourself. Don’t try to run your marketing manually, you’ll never manage it. If you start to get really busy, because your marketing is working well for you, there’s going to come a point where you’ll simple run out of capacity. So this is why you need systems to take care of things for you while you get on with the most important job, serving your customers with excellence!

So, as with the other Marketing Tips in this email course, here is my prescription for you and the THREE STEPS you can follow next to use this information to help you make marketing work in your business.

1. Stop; take a look at all of the things, tasks and activities that you put into your marketing right now. Note how many of them are manual tasks that you might be able to automate. If you repeat the same task manually over and over again, then could you find a way to automate this?

2. Next consider what marketing channels you’re already using. Again, are you repeating tasks over and over again? Perhaps the channels you’re using are mostly manual options but are there better ways you could do these, or can they be adapted to an automatic system, without losing the quality?

3. Lastly but most importantly; how do you currently think about your marketing tasks and outputs, are you working in a chaotic and reactive way? Are you actually following a plan, to build a strategy that can be scaled up? Or are you just keeping busy?

Remember there are NO prizes for making your life hard work. In fact your goal should be to make your life simpler and easier. Your marketing should be exactly the same thing. So learn, apply and then liberate yourself to do something else, whether that be just giving your customers more of your time, or even enjoying the rewards of your successful business.

If you’ve found this Marketing Tip useful please let me know, please share it with other who you know might benefit from reading it. If you’ve got questions please use the comments section below, or contact me direct.

And if you want to learn more about Automatic Marketing and how you can make it part of your business then take a look at Module 1 of Make Marketing Work, the online business course.

I look forward to seeing you again next week for your next Marketing Tip. If you’ve not already joined, sign up here for this free marketing course online.


PS. Please share your comments and questions below; maybe you’ve used the principle of automatic marketing and had great results?

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