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Uncovering your Marketing Assets will blow out the competition

You don’t need to take your clothes off to find out what you’ve been missing all along!

Hi and welcome to Tip 9 in this series. Relax, there’s no obligation to remove any item of clothing while reading this marketing tip. What I would ask you to do though is stop and accept that you’re probably missing out on some amazing opportunity in your business right now.

Three Reasons why you should read this tip –

  1. You’re almost certainly sitting on marketing opportunities without even realising
  2. You don’t need to spend any money to make this advice work for you NOW!
  3. You need to grab every advantage you can in marketing these days; including this one

You’d be amazed at how many businesses, organisations and new enterprises waste a hugely valuable asset when it comes to their marketing. In fact, there are often a whole bunch of assets that are just left hidden away somewhere. And that translates into profits left on the table, or worse, people choosing your competition.

Let me share something vital with you; step-by-step

One of the most important things you’re ever going to do in your marketing is to learn how to build a really good proposition. You might call this your offer. It’s the proposal you’re making to your customers and can be as simple as advertising the fresh-brewed coffee you sell, or as complex as technical solution with all the bells and whistles for a huge commercial project.

You proposition is where your marketing all comes together and the magic happens. If you get it right…

It’s easy for us to define advertising in two simple groups; brand or awareness, and direct response.

Naked Marketing

In the first case we’re simply trying to expose our business, let people know what we do, what we are all about. Essentially we want people to think of us first when they consider a product or service.

In the second case we’re actually inviting them to buy something from us. We’re presenting and offer, a deal, a proposition and we’re asking them to make a tangible decision to act. The goal being the decision to go ahead and make a purchase (in most cases).

So in considering the latter, we always want to make our offer as attractive as possible. We want it to attract attention, spark interest, create desire, and finally manifest an action. This is a cornerstone principle in marketing, known as ‘AIDA’. You’ve probably heard of it.

And in order to achieve these things we need to present facts, details and information that expresses what we’re on about and why the reader/listener/viewer should want to carry on reading/listening/watching.

The sort of information we use might include the name of a product, or title of a service, an explanation of what it is, what it does and how it works. Then we’ve got other important elements like ‘features and benefits’, as well as price, special offer information and (most importantly) a Call to Action, which is the prompt to take the next step and exactly how to do this.

You’ll know all this from experience of just about every advert or promotion you’ve seen, used or even created for yourself. This is a standard for the structure of advertising and is pretty much followed by everyone. Or at least those smart people who take the time to learn about marketing.

However, there’s one key thing that really makes a difference and these are your Marketing Assets.

I want you to think of these Assets as little gems or golden nuggets that really make your offer awesome, or at least a whole lot different to the next person in line. They’re your stand–out features, the ones that make your competition seem like a poor alternative.

So how do you know what they are? What do they look like and where do you go searching for them?

You probably already know what your general features and benefits are for your products/services. You talk about these a lot to your customers. You know (or maybe think) that these are the things that make you different.

The problem is that all too often those special features, just like that famous ‘USP’ (Unique Selling Proposition) are not really the things that excite your would-be customer.

Sure, you may think they’re awesome and irresistible. But maybe there’re just not that, well… special.

Now the good news is that there are (almost certainly) other elements that really do make the difference. And it’s these that are your true marketing assets. These are the things that you should be focusing on.

And the best way to find them?

Simple, ask your existing customers why they have bought from you before. Ask them what was the one main reason they chose to spend their money with you, or on your product or service? And why do they keep coming back?

It could be that there’s a special reason why they love your company, for example:

  • You’re opening hours are longer than other people – so you’re more convenient
  • Your business was easy to find because your signage was clear – everyone know you
  • You make it easy for customers to choose the right options – you provide genuine help
  • You’ve got a sales person or receptionist who excels in giving great service and attention

Or it could be that your product/service has marketing assets that set it apart, such as:

  • It’s reliable and consistent, every time they order/buy from you they know what they’re going to get
  • It’s unique; you’re the only company selling it and the quality means people will seek it out
  • You’re flexible in the way you work with your customers or clients; they feel valued and respected
  • You’ve got proven integrity; your reputation says it all and that gives your customers trust

Now these are the sorts of Assets that you might already expect and perhaps you are indeed including this sort of thing within your marketing and promotion but there’s more to this principle than meets the eye.

The real Marketing Assets you have, the ones that are bright shiny things that lead to big sales, are the ones that truly belong to you.

And here is the one big Acid-Test that you need to be using for this. It’s the best way ever for you to really test if your Marketing Assets are just that, or if they’re just more regurgitated marketing bla, bla, bla.

Try this; recite your marketing content, advert or promotion, and then ask…

“Who Else Can Say That?”

This was a little trick (and a really valuable one) that my own mentor shared with me over a decade ago. When you start to write your marketing material, your advertising or promotional content, stop and use this test each time.

Your whole objective with this idea is to define the assets or features/benefits that truly make your business something to shout about.

And to get you started on this task I’ll leave you with three quick tasks that will help –

  1. Go through your existing adverts, website, brochure, sales letter, signage and look to confirm if your best marketing assets have prominence (or even appear at all).
  2. Use the “Who Else Can Say That? ”Acid-Test to see if these points are truly unique, or just more of the same.
  3. Finally, and most importantly; don’t look purely at your product or service to uncover the best Marketing Assets you have. The truth is (and this is my killer inside-tip!) the best marketing assets you have will often be you and your people, staff, colleagues, etc.

Remember, people buy from people, so sometimes the best assets you have are found in the human resource of your business, not lifeless products.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this tip please let me know; it really helps us to provide the information you want and need. And share the love; we think the world would be a much better place if every business owner learned what makes marketing work!

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If you want to know more, would like to get more understanding, or simply want a little help to get you started with this, please contact me personally, or post your comment below. I promise to reply.

To your success, 

Nial Adams

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