Making money in business is simple when you know this principle

By Nial Adams   Care enough and you’ll be making money in business A bold statement like that requires an equally bold answer, and no doubt that you’re probably thinking “OK, this better be special!”. Well, the truth is very simple and with over twenty years of experience in business and business mentoring, I can […]

Where to get started with marketing

By Nial Adams “I don’t know where to start with marketing” If you’re stuck and don’t know where to get started with marketing, relax and trust me, your definitely not alone. OK, so I know it’s the classic cliché “If I had a penny for every time…”, except with inflation perhaps that should read “If […]

Be better at selling in a tough climate

By Nial Adams The New Consumer Landscape – Get used to it! Business and commerce has changed. Forever. And so has ‘selling’. The relationship between retailer and consumer are not the same as they were ten years ago. Even in the past five years consumer habits have changed significantly. Your approach to Sales and Marketing […]

Do you know why customers are saying “Let me think about it”..?

By Nial Adams The five words you never want to hear a ‘customer’ say to you – “Let me think about it”. So you’ve done your homework, found out what (you believe) makes a compelling proposition and presented your offer. Your marketing has worked; the new customer is at your door – digital, or analogue […]

10 Common Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

By Nial Adams   Are you making these common marketing mistakes? Marketing may seem like a minefield. Where do you start, what’s most important? Who do you listen to and do you simply copy others who look like they’re on the right path? Well, if you seriously want to improve what you’re doing in your […]

The 3 Biggest Secrets to Business Success

Welcome to our first Guest Blog here on Make Marketing Work You’ve got to love the Internet, isn’t Social Media a fantastic way to get to meet new people and find out what they think too? A couple of months back I started listening to young guy from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I’ll be honest, I really […]

#7 Things When Choosing Your New Business Name

Here are seven things you need to know when choosing your new business name By Nial Adams If you’ve ever started a new business, been involved in a startup, or are just about to, then you’ll know that one of the big questions is “what do we call the business or company?”. What’s in a […]

Why people will NEVER buy your product!

By Nial Adams, Author of Make Marketing Work. Let me tell you why people will never buy your product or service! It’s a given that if you get your sales and marketing right people will form an orderly queue at your ‘till’ and hand over money in exchange for your goods and services… or is it? […]

#5 ways to use marketing to grow your business

By Nial Adams, Author of Make Marketing Work. I’ll let you in on a secret. My first foray into the world of marketing wasn’t great. When I started a new business at the age of nineteen I had a lot of knowledge about my subject and the product I offered but knew very little about what […]

Increase Your Business Productivity Instantly

By Nial Adams, Author of Make Marketing Work. Over a number of years I’ve watch hundreds of business men and woman chain themselves to some sort of penal system called… self-employment. They’ve developed a twisted mentality that if it doesn’t hurt, they probably aren’t working hard enough. Sure, as every small business owner will tell you, […]