Why people will NEVER buy your product!

By Nial Adams, Author of Make Marketing Work.

Let me tell you why people will never buy your product or service!

It’s a given that if you get your sales and marketing right people will form an orderly queue at your ‘till’ and hand over money in exchange for your goods and services… or is it?

You know what you sell or offer and if you’ve got a good handle on your marketing, and the sales process that follows, then you stand a good chance that you’ll be successful.

However, there’s very simple reason why people will NEVER buy your product or service.

marketing isn't about selling your product or service

I’m not being flippant or controversial when I make this bold statement, I’m telling you the truth and there is one very simple but massively important reason for this and you need to know what it is!

As consumers we don’t buy products or services, we actually buy the emotional expectation that we attach to them.

I’m sure you’ve often heard the phrase ‘sell the benefits not features’. Well, this is a good place to start but it still only scratches the surface of the principle at the core of this.

There are a few absolute fundamentals about marketing that so many people simply aren’t aware of and until you learn these you’re going to struggle. These really are the cornerstones of great business and it’s so important you learn them.

Accepting that your customers have very little interest in your product or service may be a tough one to grapple with but hear me out and let me explain why.

All products and services provide (or at least should provide) a range of personal benefits to the user or consumer. It makes no difference what the product or service actually is, in intrinsic terms, what really matters is what it does for us.

We don’t buy paracetamol, we buy way of getting rid of that headache. We don’t buy a new car because we need one, we’re buying the benefits, emotional and logical, that we believe will be good for us.

And for one more, well-known example, we don’t buy a drill bit, we buy a means to make a hole in the wall so we can finally get that DIY job done.

On the surface this may seem pretty obvious and you may even think that I’m just being a little pedantic about the logic and use of our language. What I am trying to get you to consider is that your customers, current or future, won’t buy from you because of your product or service.

Whereas they WILL buy from you when they have a strong enough emotional reason to do so.

And that e-word is the key to understanding this; emotion, not logic. It’s all too easy to believe that many or even most buying-decisions are based on logic and not emotion.

Men are especially prone to this fallacy . Some like to go into detailed research before making a purchase and convince themselves that they are doing so purely for logical reasons.

Sorry to disappoint you guys… it’s simply not true.

Many years ago my own Mentor taught me this gold-encrusted rule of sales and marketing;

“People buy on emotion and justify with logic.”

If you really want to create an amazing opportunity for customers to buy from you, stop focusing on your product or service and start expressing the customer benefits in an emotional context.

You can start this really easily. Just make a list of the features of your product or service and then translate them into benefit statements, for example:

“We provide learning resources online; because this gives our customers a flexible way of learning, it’s more convenient and easier for them to fit into a busy lifestyle.”

This task is relatively straightforward and perhaps you’ve already done this. Work through the top five or ten statements that you believe are core to your offer.

Next, you can now apply one of the best ‘acid tests’ for marketing content. Work through your list, ideally with other members of your team and ask this simple question:

“Which means what..?”

Then keep asking it until you really can drill down to the fundamental reason why people would want to buy what you have to offer.

As you use this approach you’ll discover something very interesting. The fact that whatever it is that we buy and for whatever reason we initially believe we should do so, the ultimate reasons are always deeply emotional and very personal ones.

Flying Start Marketing ChallengeThings like ‘for my peace of mind’ and ‘because I want other to see me as a good person’ or ‘I want to feel secure’ will often come up in this exercise.

I really can’t stress enough just how important this exercise is and I’d strongly urge you to do this at least once a year. As I’ve said, ideally get others from your business or team involved.

You may even want to set up a small focus group of customers to canvas their own ideas and personal reasons.

Once you start to unlock the real reasons why people do buy from you it will become apparent that the tangible aspects of your product or service are almost insignificant in their importance.

Always remember, business is about people first!


PS. If you want to learn more about this concept you’ll find it in Module 2. Your Marketing Strategy Toolkit of Make Marketing Work

PPS. If you struggle with this exercise feel free to ping me an email with your notes and I’ll happily drop you a line back with some feedback and ideas to help you.

Nial Adams Author of Make Marketing Work

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