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Make Marketing Work – Free Sample


Make Marketing Work is practical  Online Course to help you understand marketing. Here you can download a FREE Section. This Introduction explains how the Programme is provided and how you will benefit.

The full course comprises 15 Sections and 11 Workbooks and is a comprehensive way to study marketing and learn what you really need to know. It focuses on the key points that so many people miss out when it comes to marketing.

Before you start to think about the strategies and tactics you need to learn the basics first. Very few people ever get to learn this. So now you can find out what the smart marketers already know and build your knowledge and skills as you progress through the course.

This Free Section is a great way to start and by reading this first eBook you'll understand:

  • How does this Self-Study Programme work and who is it for
  • Give yourself the edge – Learning Core Business Knowledge
  • Your Commitment to Change – Why Action is So Important
  • How to Manage your Business Learning Online
  • Why you need a Business and not a Job


Product Description

We understand that perhaps you’d like a test-drive of this Programme before you commit. A very sensible idea. So we’ve made available a Free Sample Section for this eCourse.

You can download Section 1. The Introduction for Make Marketing Work and get a sense of how this Programme could help you. There is no obligation but you will need to Register your Learner Account to access this.

Section 1. sets out the Programme and explains how this material has been assembled, the knowledge and experience it is based upon and how you can benefit from online learning through this programme.

Please note; this Free Sample Section, together with all material contained on this website, together with the downloadable files, are protected by Copyright of the Author and Publisher, Nial Adams. Please see the Privacy Notice for full terms of use.


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