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Welcome to Make Marketing Work, where you can learn how to get better results from your marketing. It’s no secret, many people in business find marketing confusing, frustrating and difficult to get right.

In fact, marketing is listed as being the second most important subject that business owners and managers want to understand better (accounting being first).

A lot of business owners and managers, especially those self-employed find marketing a bit of a mystery and far too many continue to throw good money after bad simply hoping that they’ll get better results. Marketing doesn’t work like this and neither does business.

What you need is Core Business Knowledge and a way to tapping directly into experience with proven results. Advertising, brochures, websites, directories, sales literature, direct mail, SMS, emails and, of course, now we have Social Media. How are you expected to keep up with this and know what will work best for you?

This Marketing eCourse was written with a specific objective; to teach you how marketing really works and share powerful ideas, concepts, strategies and tactics that will help you to become an effective marketer. Many of these concepts are essential if you want to really understand how businesses become successful and profitable.

These are not arm-chair theories but have been drawn from over twenty years of business experience, trial and error. Proven results demonstrate that these core skills are essential if you want your business to succeed and flourish. Read the Testimonials.


What You Will Learn

Make Marketing Work is a comprehensive eCourse on Sales and Marketing for Business. Aimed at the new and growing Business Owner or Manager.

Designed to teach you the skill and application of Marketing, this eCourse is a Personal Development Programme and enables you to learn the most important skills of practical marketing.

The study material and workbooks are extensive and exceed 60,000 words. Broken into logical sections this eLearning resource allows you to study at a pace that suits you best.

There is no set timescale for completion of the eCourse and you can focus on the Sections that are most important to you first.

Now you can study and learn business marketing at your own pace. In your office, at home, or even on the move!

This eCourse includes:

  • How You Can Grow Your Business
  • Following A Business Growth System
  • Define Your Business, Products and Services
  • Understanding Business Mechanics
  • Establishing your Marketing Assets
  • Building Your Sales Proposition
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Competitor Research and Intelligence
  • Quality Customer Service in Marketing
  • Delivering Your Marketing Message
  • How to Buy More Customers for Profit
  • Customer VIP Programmes

Why Learn Marketing

Many people make the mistake of believing that marketing is only one part of their business. The truth is that marketing needs to be at the very core of your business. In fact, the reality is that marketing IS your business.

Marketing is far more than simply ‘getting your name out there’ and, as you’ll learn in this new eCourse, there is far more to marketing than nice words and smart websites. To understand marketing you need to understand what customers want, what motivates them and how you can tap into a powerful stream of influence that encourages them to buy from you.

Marketing is vital for another significant reason; making changes to your marketing can mean that you can dial up your results and increase your sales profits. Understanding how to turn poor results into great ones can help you take a quantum leap in your business , with profits to match.

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