What is Email Marketing and 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It In Your Business

When we finally discovered that we can send message to each other electronically, and not just reply upon the postal service, email was born. And like most forms of communication the opportunity for marketing, advertising and promotion wasn’t far behind.

Email MarketingWithin a few years we witnessed an explosion of unwanted email and SPAM was born. The airwaves were awash with junk marketing message that would be randomly sprayed over millions of people. Some thought that the end of email was inevitable.

Thankfully with the arrival of spam filters and clever systems we now live in a world where unwanted junk or spam email is controlled. We also have strict codes of practice when it comes to the ethical use of email marketing.

Perhaps not surprisingly we’ve seen a resurgence of email marketing with the arrival of the smartphone and tablet. Gone are the days of only checking your inbox at your desktop or even laptop. Now the subtle whoosh in our pockets ensures we’re almost certain to pull out our phone to read that new email.

Email Marketing has gone through massive changes and today it still stands as one of the best forms of marketing and still produces some of the best return on investment. However, you need to know the rules, understand how to create and send great campaigns and, above all, know what will really engage your audience.

Here are 10 top reasons why you need to be using email marketing and some key thinking points to help you get started –

1. You can start email marketing straight away – as long as you have a contact list to start with you can take your first steps into email marketing instantly, perhaps even today!?

2. Get access to powerful email marketing systems and solutions – it wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to run an email marketing campaign you had two choices; hire an expensive agency, or do it yourself from your Outlook account, etc. Thankfully today you have access to the same tools that the professionals and with a little training and experimentation you can be producing top-quality and professional email campaigns all by yourself.

 3. There’s no other form of direct marketing that is better value for money – although email marketing is technically a form of digital marketing it is still direct. Your message can be personalised and sent direct to the intended recipient. And with modern email systems and a highly competitive marketplace you can still do this for as little as 1p/1c per contact.

 4. It’s super fast and email campaigns can produce instant results – there are very few other forms of marketing where you can create a campaign in the morning and within just a few hours you’ll start to get results and often direct sales (if this is your objective).

5. It has fantastic reporting and analytics – one of the most important mantras in marketing is to ‘test and measure’… then test and measure again. This really is vital. With email marketing we have amazing degrees of control and analysis at our finger tips. We can gather a whole host of data and reporting that helps us to understand what’s working and what we need to improve upon.

6. If you’re not keeping in touch with your customers you’ll lose them – its a clear fact, take care of your customers or someone else will. So staying in touch with them is vital, it shows you care but most of all it keeps you at the front of the list when they’re ready to buy again.

7. You’ll often make more profit on your second sale – sometimes winning the customer for the first time is not where your real profit lies. When you re-market to them via email you can increase your profit margin because you’ve already paid to acquire them (Cost of Acquisition)

8. Use email marketing to test your offer and deals first – very few people realise the full benefit of this strategy. By running small email test marketing first you can discover and confirm what triggers the best response. So email marketing can be an ideal way to test an offer before you go all out with it.

9. Start to build detailed customer profiles – by watching and recording email behaviour you can see what various customers are really interested in. Clever email marketing is a great way to create customer segments by interest and engagement. Then you can really start to target your offers.

10. Your email marketing can become independently valuable to you – get it right and your email marketing is a great way build a whole new income stream to your  business. And better than this, it actually becomes valuable in its own right. A business that’s making £10,000 – 100,000 or more a year from email marketing has an embedded value. So when you come to sell your business, or seek inward investment, you have an asset that has real value in itself.

These are just some of the main reasons why email marketing really is something you must consider if you want to drive up your business results. There are some simple Golden Rules to follow for email marketing.

If you’d like to know more about this, where to get started and how to create killer email campaigns that bring big results you should contact us for help and advice. We mentor and support a number of people who want to keep control of their marketing but benefit from someone with experience to keep them on track.

Nial Adams

– Author of Make Marketing Work; the Online Course for Business Growth

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